The Comforter

The Comforter



  • The Secret To a Good Night's Sleep!

    Our silk-filled comforter, aptly named “The Comforter,” will provide you with a cozy, unbeatable night’s sleep, every evening. Whatever the weather, our SmartSilk™ comforter will keep you at a delightful temperature to promote your health, overall wellbeing and of course, your rest, thanks to our ingenious Smart Temperature Advantage technology.

    This silk-filled comforter is both thinner and lighter than your traditional comforter, providing a cloud-esque feel to your night-time slumber. Moreover, our experts have made sure to include breathable material in The Comforter which adjusts to your body temperature automatically. Not to mention that the potential effects of night sweats will be dramatically decreased due to the moisture wicking properties our silk-filled comforter engineers have incorporated. Lying back, relaxing and drifting off into the Eden of dream land is well within your grasp with The Comforter.

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