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SmartSilk™ Pillow

SmartSilk™ Pillow


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The SmartSilk™ Pillow

Sleeping with the right silk pillow is necessary to have a restful night’s sleep. The Pillow from SmartSilk™ is available in four different levels to suit all manner of pillow and sleeping preferences. To find the correct comfort level, it’s about taking body size and sleep position into account. A person’s optimal silk pillow aligns the curvature of the spine and natural set of one’s shoulders with a neutral neck position. There are three different sleep positions that need to be considered; namely, sleeping on your back, side or front.

Explore these descriptions to choose a level that will work best for you:


Level 1 – Our thinnest loft for stomach sleepers or for children under 10 years old

Level 2 – Our medium-soft loft for back sleepers or those who cuddle with their pillow

Level 3 – Our medium loft for side and or back sleepers

Level 4 – Our fullest loft for people who prefer a soft but fuller pillow

Silk Pillows Include

  • 100% Quilted Cotton Outer Shell

  • 100% Pure Silk Fill Liner Layer

  • Non-woven Material Layer

  • 100% Polyester Gel Fiber Fill Layer

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